Cheque fraud commonly involves using counterfeit, forged or fraudulently altered cheques.

You can now better protect yourself from these by following some simple measures:

  • Report any lost or stolen cheques or cheque books immediately to our 24 hours Call Centre on 4447 8000.
  • Keep your chequebook in a safe and secure location at all times.
  • When writing cheques be sure to complete all sections including the payee name, amount, and amount in words.
  • To help prevent fraudulent alterations on your cheque use the full payee name when writing a cheque, draw a line through any unused space, and include the word ‘only’ after entering the amount in words.
  • Before accepting a cheque consider whether an alternative payment option is more secure - this is especially important for high-value cheques.
  • Check your bank statements regularly and review all cheque withdrawals.


We now offer a number of alternative payments options including credit cards, or payment transfer through online banking.