You can keep your banking information safe and secure by taking some simple steps.

We have also put together some safety tips for you as guidance on keeping safe:

Check your bank statements and balance
  • Always check your bank statements thoroughly and notify us of any transactions you do not recognise.
  • Check your balance regularly for example when making an ATM withdrawal or deposit.
  • Check your transaction regularly for example via SMS banking service.
Never disclose personal information
  • Never disclose passwords, PINs or personal details on an email, over the telephone or in person to anyone including persons claiming to be officials from the bank. If you are ever in doubt about whether an email or telephone call is genuine, call our 24 hours Call Centre immediately on 4447 8000.
  • Do not share your security details with anyone (eg PINs or Online Banking logon details).
  • If you use email or social networking sites, display as little personal information or data as possible.
Use strong passwords
  • Make sure your password is a mixture of letters and numbers, and change frequently.
  • Do not use this password for other applications, websites and emails.
  • Ensure that you do not use traceable facts about yourself such as your date of birth when choosing a PIN number or password.
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
Keep your contact details up to date
Keep your contact details up to date
  • Always ensure that we have your most recent address and contact numbers on record.
Shred all unwanted personal and financial information
Shred all unwanted personal and financial information
  • Make sure you shred all bills, bank statements, receipts and other documents containing your personal details before disposing of them.