We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information.

We have put in place a number of measures and services to ensure that your banking is safe and secure whether you are online, using your cards, or on your mobile phone.

Internet Banking Login to ibqOnline
Internet Banking
  • We use industry standard encryption techniques and hardware to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information about your account through ibqOnline.
  • We use TLS for encrypting all the data sent through an online banking session. Digital certificates are used to guarantee through a Trusted Third Party that you are dealing with ibq and not some unauthorised site. When this happens you will see a security icon (locked padlock or unbroken key symbol) on the top or bottom of your browser window.
  • Only registered users will have access to ibqOnline by using their security details. Additional security measures are in place to protect access to your accounts.
  • If you make a number of incorrect attempts to log in, we will disable your access. This is to stop any unauthorised access to your account. The personal password is the only way to get access to your account.
  • ibqOnline logs you out automatically if there is a period of inactivity. This provides protection if you move away from your screen. You should always remember to log out when you complete an online banking session.
  • Use our 24 hours secure messaging system on ibqOnline.
SMS Banking
SMS Banking
  • Secure free SMS banking service offering flexibility to follow-up on your latest account transactions from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.
  • SMS notification service providing you with regular updates on your current account and credit card balances and transaction