It is important that you keep your personal details safe when speaking on the phone or using your mobile phone.

Phishing for information is not only limited to emails, fraudsters can also use the telephone to obtain personal details. Fraudsters often pose as representatives of banks or legitimate organisations and may contact you to verify your information or ask you to reveal bank account details, card details, and security information.

The golden rule is never to give out any security information (passwords, PIN numbers, account or card details) over the phone.

ibq will never ask you for your PIN or passwords. If you receive a call claiming to be from the bank asking for such information, always ask for a full name and department of the caller, terminate the call and contact our 24 hours Call Centre immediately on 4447 8000 to report this.

Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones
  • Report a lost or stolen mobile phone to your telephone provider so it can be blocked immediately.
  • Always ensure to provide the bank with updated record of your registered mobile number. This is to ensure that you do not miss valuable communication and information sent to you by the bank over SMS.
  • Set up a password or PIN, so that your mobile phone cannot be used if lost or stolen.
  • Some mobile phones are vulnerable to viruses, so it is important to update your software reguarly and use mobile security software where available.