Book travel
How do I book my trip?
Select the "Book Travel" tab on the thanq rewards website and click on the category you wish to book. Enter the required information and follow the instructions to finalise your booking.
Do I need to earn the full number of required points for my trip?
No you do not. You may pay partially, using your points as well as your ibq credit card. You may also book your travel using only your ibq credit card.
Will I earn points on my frequent flyer and / or hotel loyalty programme when I book with thanq rewards?
Yes, you will earn points on any airline or hotel rewards programme you may already be a member of. Example, if you are a member of Q-miles, you will also earn points on your Q-miles.
How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation email from thanq Travel Center with your booking reference for (all) traveller(s). You must present this receipt upon check in.
Can I modify or cancel my booking?
Yes you can. For modifications or cancelations, please contact our Call Centre on +974 4447 8000. Cancellation or modification are subject to the terms and condition applicable at the time of your booking.
If I modify or cancel my booking, will I be charged?
There will be a minimum charge when doing so. Additional charges depend on the hotel/ airline you are dealing with. Most airline fares as well as hotel rates vary with dates, so you may be subject to their charges if you wish to cancel or modify your booking.
In the case of cancelation, will my points be returned to my account?
Yes your points will be returned to your account and you will be able to use them another time.
Will my points expire if I don’t use them?
Your points will expire within 2 years from the date they are earned. You may check this via the "Points Summary" tab on the thanq rewards website.
Can I book a multi-city trip?
Yes, you may book a trip to more than one city/destination.
Do I need to contact the airline or hotel for further confirmation?
No, (all) your confirmation number(s) will be provided in your confirmation email.
Do I have to pay any additional charges such as taxes?
This depends on the airport you are flying from. Some airports may require you to pay taxes. In Qatar there are no additional charges or taxes to be paid at the airport.
Can I book for a friend?
Yes you can. Our thanq rewards website will allow you to book for a friend or family member and let them enjoy the thanq rewards benefits.