Debit and Credit Cards
Can I use my debit card abroad?
Yes. All our debit and credit cards are chip-enabled for enhanced security and are accepted at over 32 million outlets worldwide.
You can also withdraw cash at over one million ATMs around the world where the MasterCard logo is displayed.
What do I do if my debit or credit card is not working?
Should you have a problem with your card please contact our 24 hours Call Centre on 4447 8000.
What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
If your cards have been lost or stolen, contact our Call Centre immediately on 4447 8000 (or from outside Qatar on +974 4447 8000).
What should I do if my debit or credit card was not returned by an ATM?

Please contact our Call Centre on
4447 8000

How do I get a new PIN?

You can change your debit card PIN at any ibq ATM. You can choose your own PIN but be careful not to choose easily identifiable numbers such as 1111 or 1122.

How do I apply for a credit card?
You can apply for our ibq credit cards by visiting any of our branches or contacting the Call Centre on 4447 8000.
How can I pay my credit card bill?
There are several ways to make payments to your credit account including through internet banking ibqonline, our branches, or at any of our cash deposit ATMs.
In addition, you can also pay by Direct Debit, this is free of charge and you can specify payments of 5%, 10% or 100% of the total credit card balance from a nominated account
Can I apply for supplementary credit cards?
Yes. If you would like to apply for supplementary cards for up to 4 members of your family you can simply contact our Call Centre on 4447 8000, or visit your nearest branch with the new card holder, Qatari ID copy (Nationals) / Passport/RP (expatriates).