What is IBAN?
IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It is a standard way of uniquely identifying any bank account in any of the IBAN participating countries. The standard is defined in ISO 13616. The Registration Authority for IBAN is SWIFT.

An IBAN consists of:
  • The 2 Alpha ISO 3166-1 country code
  • 2 check digits calculated according to ISO/IEC 7064 (MOD97-10)
  • The unique identifier for the bank (format decided by each country)
  • The branch identifier (optional, depending on the country rules)
  • The account number
The length of the IBAN is fixed for each country up to a maximum of 34 characters.
What's the Benefit of an IBAN?
IBANs facilitate cross border payments (in particular) by having a common way to identify the country, bank, branch and account number of the beneficiary without having to know anything about the local clearing system. For example in the UK you need to know the 6 digit branch sort code, in Australia it’s the BSB, in the US it’s the ABA. But until the latter 2 countries join IBAN, you’re still going to need to know the local clearing codes. But if you want to pay someone in Mauritania or France, all you need is the beneficiary’s IBAN.

IBANs can also facilitate local payments, by ensuring beneficiary account numbers are in a machine readable format and they are protected against error by the strong check digit algorithm.
Who's on IBAN already?
There are 68 countries currently on IBAN.
Why is Qatar going with IBAN?
Because of the above benefits and also because many regional countries are already on IBAN – Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan.
What is the format of Qatar’s IBAN?
The 29 digit IBAN format is as follows:
QA70 IBOQ 0000 0000 0001 5000 1800 1.
There are 7 clusters, each cluster contains 4 digits and the last cluster contain 1 digit only.
How should the IBAN be written?
In its human readable form, the IBAN is represented by blocks of 4 characters, from the left:
QA53 IBOQ 0000 0000 8000 1634 1200 1 000


This works well for our account numbers since the 3rd and 4th blocks will always be four zeros and the 5th block will always be our four digit branch code.In machine readable form, the IBAN is always a single string of characters: QA53IBOQ000000008000163412001000

The characters 'IBAN' are never a part of the IBAN itself.
When did Qatar become an IBAN member?
Qatar implemented IBAN on January 2014 and became mandatory on May 2014.
What payments are covered?
All inter-bank transfers to accounts within Qatar require a beneficiary IBAN.This includes all Payments channels such as ibqOnline going through Swift, and QATCH, or payments instructions submitted by employers through WPS (Wages Protection System).
How are cheques affected by IBAN?
Cheques are still being cleared as per usual process.
How can I know my IBAN?
Your IBAN is shown under account details in ibqonline and on your account statements.

In addition, there is an IBAN calculator in the ibq website, where you can enter your account number (13 digit) and the relevant IBAN will be generated automatically.
Can customers have more than one IBAN?
Customers can have more than one IBAN. An IBAN uniquely identifies an account (not a customer) so if the customer has more than one account (say a QAR current account and a USD Super Saver) they will have more than one IBAN.