Magnetic Stripe Transactions
How does the ban of Magnetic Stripe transactions affect my debit and credit card?

All banks’ credit and debit card transactions made using the Magnetic Stripe are being declined.

Some transactions may include:

  •  ATM Cash Withdrawals
  •  Point of Sale transactions
What is Magnetic Stripe?
A dark stripe of magnetic material located on the back of your card consisting of several tracks of data. This is usually a card transaction that involves swiping the magnetic stripe of the card at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal.
Why are Magnetic Stripe transactions declined?
As per the Qatar Central Bank regulatory requirement, all banks in Qatar are requested to prohibit Magnetic Stripe transactions on both credit and debit card transactions outside of Qatar
Which transactions do not depend on the Magnetic Stripe and are therefore not affected?
  • Chip ATM Cash Withdrawals
  • Chip Point of Sale
  • e-commerce (online transactions)
Which countries still use Magnetic Stripe transactions?
The majority of merchants worldwide have migrated to CHIP Point of Sale terminals except the USA – if you are travelling to the USA please contact our Call Centre to activate the magnetic stripe of your card.

If you are visiting Thailand, India, Indonesia, China or Japan and plan to use an ATM please contact our Call Centre to activate the magnetic stripe of your card.
What is the alternative to Magnetic Stripe transactions?
Most countries have implemented Chip technology and all debit and credit card transactions processed using the Chip are unaffected.
What must I do in the event that I wish to use the Magnetic Stripe transactions?
In the event that you experience a merchant who can only use Magnetic Stripe transactions, please contact our Call Centre on +974 4447 8000 to activate your Magnetic Stripe usage.
How long will the Magnetic Stripe activation last?
This is a temporary activation on your card and should you remain overseas for a long period of time please inform our Call Centre.
Can I limit my Magnetic Stripe activation to either my debit or credit card?
Yes, this is possible please inform our Call Centre on which card you would like to enable temporary Magnetic Stripe transactions.
How can I activate my Magnetic Stripe transactions?
Activation can be enabled by contacting our Call Centre or by logging onto, clicking on “Service Requests” to select “Manage Magnetic stripe Transactions".
Can I permanently activate Magnetic Stripe transactions?
No. We cannot permanently keep magnetic stripe transactions open.
I am a joint account holder, are both cards affected by the ban of Magnetic Strip transactions?
Yes. All ibq cards and all cards issued by any bank in Qatar are affected.
What should I do if I notice a suspicious transaction?
Please notify us immediately by contacting our 24 hours Call Center team at +974 4447 8000.