Can I exchange my thanq points for Qmiles for another Privilege Club member ?
Yes you can. Our thanq rewards website will allow you to convert thanq points to Qmiles and send them to any active member of Privilege Club. The Privilege Club Membership number which you will provide when you place the order, will be the one which will be credited with Qmiles. It can be for yourself, a friend or family.
When will my Qmiles be credited into Privilege Club account?
Your Qmiles will be credited within a maximum of 15 days from your order date.
Is there a minimum quantity of thanq points required to be converted to Qmiles?
Yes, you should have a minimum of 5,000 thanq points which can be converted to Qmiles. Each 5,000 thanq points can be exchanged for 2,500 Qmiles.
Can I cancel my order to exchange thanq points for Qmiles?
Once you have finalized the redemption order to exchange thanq points for Qmiles, the transaction will follow an automated process and cannot be reversed. Once your Qmiles will be credited into the Privilege Club account, their use is subject to Qatar Airways Terms and Conditions.
What shall I do if my Qmiles are not credited into my Privilege Club account?
In case your Qmiles are not credited into your Privilege Club account it is likely due to an incorrect membership number. In this case, your thanq points will be credited back to your thanq account and you will receive a SMS notification from ibq

However, if your Qmiles are not credited into Privilege Club account within 15 days from order date and you also haven’t received  SMS from ibq, please contact ibq Call Centre to get the latest status of your redemption order before you would contact Qatar Airways for further details.