1. How will the merger impact me?
Banking will be business as usual.

Going forward, our product portfolio will be updated to become Shariah compliant. The majority of the products we offer have exact or similar Shariah compliant equivalents, so we are confident that we will fully serve your banking needs. You will be informed regarding any changes well in advance.
2. Will the services be interrupted as a part of the merger?
No, customer service quality is our top priority and will continue to be so during the merger process.
3. How will my accounts and products be affected?
Banking will be business as usual.

There will be no immediate changes in any banking operations or products (including cards and cheques).
Following the Shariah compliance rules, our product portfolio will be converted during the integration process in line with Shariah principles. You will be informed regarding any changes well in advance.
4. I do business with both banks now, what will happen to my products and accounts?
At this time there will be no changes to your banking products and accounts. Going forward, your conventional banking products will be converted to be Shariah compliant.
5. If I have questions, who can I call? 
You can find all the relevant information on conversion of your products and the updated legal terms at Feel free to talk to the staff at our branches or call center at 447-8000 if you have any additional questions.
6. Will my account transfer over to the new bank, and will my account number change?
When the merger happens, you will automatically become a customer of the new bank. If there are any changes, we will inform you well ahead of time.
7. Will there be changes to my branch, or will it close?
No, please continue to visit your existing branch as before. We will inform you in due time if there are any changes that impact you. We are committed to ensuring convenient access to our bank services and will maintain a strong branch network
8. Will the online banking system change?
No, for now, please continue to use the online banking platforms of ibq and Barwa Bank as usual. You will be notified in due time if there are any changes to your online banking services.
9. Can I make deposits or payments to my accounts from the branches/ATMs of both banks?
Not yet, within the next few months you will receive a notification when you can use both of the banks’ branches and ATMs.


1. How do Shariah compliant deposit products differ?
In Shariah compliant deposit products, we will be responsible for investing your capital on your behalf and sharing with you the profit. Although the technical structure of Shariah compliant deposits is constructed differently, you will not realize any changes in your relationship with the bank.
2. Will rates for my existing deposits change?
We will quote you an “expected profit rate” for your deposits and our track record demonstrates a high success rate of delivering the expected rate we quote.
This rate will be similar to your existing deposit rates. You will not have any changes in the commercial terms of your deposits.
3. Will my deposits be converted? If so, when?
Your saving accounts will become Shariah compliant during the integration process without affecting your daily business with the bank.
There will be no change in the commercial terms of your existing fixed deposits. Your account details and access channels will remain the same.
4. Will I be able to open a new conventional deposit?
No. However, our deposit products will offer you a very similar experience to your existing deposit products and thanks to our extensive product range we will be able to satisfy all your banking needs.
5. Will my ibq cheques continue to be honored?
Yes, your ibq cheques will continue to be honored. We will let you know well in advance of any changes to your checking experience.
6. Will I need to make any changes for my salary transfer?
No, ibq account and salary transfer will continue to operate as normal. We will let you know well in advance of any changes to your deposit experience.